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2016.Posts Tagged ‘new revo’ Last week I showed a demo of Reverb, and at a Q & A session at GDC this week I got to demo a new version of the plugin. Here are a few things you may not know about the new version. The VST/AU plugin has been completely re-written and there is support for 32-bit plugins with the new version. I’ve added a new dynamic preset selection list to simplify setting the plugin up for a particular project. There is a new plugin instrument that provides the ability to use the sound of a Revo with the LFOs of a Reverb – perfect for layering effects and adding oomph to your tracks. A new “one-shot” mode has been added which I’ll explain more about in a minute. I’ve updated the name to Reverb 1.5. I will however continue to support the current version of Reverb, as the current version is one of my top selling products. My next GDC demo will be Reverb 1.5 – Reverb is free, and the new version will be on sale for $199. I can’t wait to show it off! You can get your hands on the new version here.Abstract Abstract A method is described for the quantitative estimation of a limiting optical constant of both a metal and a semiconductor, either in the direct or indirect transmission geometry. The method is based on a measurement of the optical absorption spectrum of a thin film on a flat substrate with a conventional absorption spectrometer. The method is applicable to either direct transmission measurements or indirect reflectance measurements on transparent substrates. The method presented is based on an application of Beer's law for the transmitted flux of light to the layer which we model as a thin dielectric slab with a specific refractive index, n(z), on top of a flat substrate. A measurement of the transmitted flux as a function of layer thickness, t(z), gives a measurement of the refractive index of the layer, n(z), in accordance with Beer's law: It is the limit n(z) at which the reflectance (or transmittance) becomes unity that is determined by the method. This method has several advantages over




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